2020 Refund Policy

The following change to WNLL’s refund policy was developed for the 2020 Season in response to the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on our League’s operation. We are hopeful that we will play baseball in 2020 and this change in policy is not cancellation of the 2020 Season. This policy is meant to refund registration fees to players who are unable to play baseball this summer.

Please understand it will cost approximately $8,000 to keep the league operational for the remainder of the year, regardless of whether baseball is played.  In order to keep WNLL solvent throughout the 2020 season, which allows for baseball to be played in 2021, WNLL has implemented the following refund policy. 


Players who request a refund will be offered a full refund of their 2020 Registration Fee - Division Price, as listed on the WNLL 2020 Bill Details Page.  WNLL will retain the $35 Fundraiser Fee, paid as part of the Registration Process, to offset the necessary league maintenance costs.  As in years past, portions of the Fundraising Fee are used to hold a raffle.  This year, in lieu of a packet of raffle tickets, each family will be entered into the raffle which will be held later this summer.

Please complete the Refund Request form indicating your desire for a refund of your Registration Fees. Refunds will be provided via check.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing.

**Note: This Refund Policy will remain in effect until uniforms are ordered prior to the season starting. Once uniforms are ordered, no refunds will be provided.

See Request Form Below

Registration Fee Donation

WNLL has developed a tax write-off donation process where you can donate your Registration and Fundraising Fees to the League. If you wish to donate your Fees, to be used for future field and grounds improvements, you will be provided with that opportunity.  Please complete the Refund Request form indicating your donation wishes.  We will then provide you with a donation receipt letter for tax filing purposes. 

See Request Form Below

2020 Registration Fee - Refund/Donation Request Form

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