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Coaching Intent Submission

For those who are interested in managing/coaching a team this year, we ask that you follow the steps below to ensure that the necessary information is collected properly.

1) Complete the 2021 WNLL Volunteer Form: 2021 Online Volunteer Submission

2) Complete the WNLL Prospective Coaches On-line Form (Click Here or See below)

These declarations 
MUST be made prior to March 2nd for AA, AAA and Majors.  

Please note that offering to manage a team for a particular division does not guarantee that your child will play in that division.  

Failure to follow these steps may result in you not being considered for a coach/manager position.

Coaching Submission

WNLL is run by Volunteers

"A strong volunteer base is at the center of every successful Little League program. From coaches to board members to umpires, every volunteer plays a part in providing a great Little League experience."

- Little League

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